True story of my father colleague.

What he told to me its made me cry. When I asked him about his father he says,

I am 51 year old man who is dealing with an sick and elderly father, 88 years old.

Throughout my life, although I loved my father and I know he loved me. we never really got along, never saw eye to eye on anything.

Over the past 1-2 years, as his health started to fail. I have come to realize how very much I love this man and I realize that even though we never saw things eye to eye. he was always there for me and our family.

I know that time is not on his side any longer and I hope that when the day comes, god takes him peacefully and that he knows how much I love him and have come to respect him.

He has provided so much for me, my family & my 2 brothers & their families. He has been a wonderful husband to my mother and loved by all of us. I will be there for him till the very end….    love you dad…….

Pat on the Back



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